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Q&A with Dr. H. Lynn Rodgers – What is a team physician?

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Q&A with Dr. H. Lynn Rodgers – What is a team physician?

What exactly is a Team Physician? According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), the Team Physician is defined as having “the leadership role in the organization, management and provision of care of athletes in individual, team and mass participation sporting events.”

We decided to get the answers to our questions by asking a real life Team Physician of the McKinney Independent School District Broncos, our very own Dr. H. Lynn Rodgers.

What exactly does it mean to be a “team physician”?

A team physician is a designated doctor for a program that is accessible and available to evaluate and care for injured players. He/She is usually the first point of contact for the trainers when a player has an injury and can help decide how best to proceed for further evaluation and treatment.  It is usually a collaborative effort between coaches, trainers, and players. We have the responsibility to look out for the best interest of the players when it comes to orthopedic care.

What are some common injuries you see in youth football?

Common injuries in youth football are ankle sprains and wrist fractures. We also see a lot of finger injuries that are a result of catching (or almost catching a ball). I have seen a lot of young athletes come in with a finger sprain or an occasional finger fracture when the ball hits their fingertip. In youth football the ACL injuries of the knee are not as common as they are later in high school, although we do see sprains and bone contusions.

What are some things young football players can do to prevent injuries?

The best ways to avoid injuries in any sport is to wear your safety equipment and condition yourself through training to undergo the rigors of your sport. Learn proper technique for your position and avoid extracurricular activities, which account for a surprising amount of lost playing time.